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If you are one of the people who owns a website or blog. and gets visitors on a daily basis. and want to know how websites make money from traffic.

You are in the right place because in this article we will try to answer the question of how to earn from the site.

Many believe that the only way to make money online is to activate ads on the site, and fortunately this is not the only way.

There are several ways, and you just need to know how to use them in a proper way, to get the most out of your site without compromising the user experience.

how websites make money from traffic

1. Direct selling and marketing

After you created your websiteand noticed that the number of its visitors is increasing day by day, you thought of a way to exploit your traffic on your site.

In this regard, we suggest that you do direct selling i.e. sell your products directly to people who visit your site.

For example selling clothes directly, this way you will be able to make a lot of money, especially if your product is one of the products that people are looking for.

Direct selling and marketing is one of the hardest ways to make money from your site, because it requires high-quality persuasion.

In this regard, we suggest that you act on direct selling tips, given in the following points:

  • Optimizing the content of your site by writing high quality articles that keep the visitor on your site for as long as possible, as this will reduce the bounce rate which will increase the number of visitors coming from Google.
  • Lower your expectations if ad clicks make up 10% to 30% of your blog's visitors (just to name a few). Direct purchase on your site may be a very small percentage.
  • If you expect the buyback to be 1 percent or less, say 0.5 percent, you will try to work to your capabilities and your strategies will be based on these numbers.

2. Pay per click ads

Pay-per-click is one of the best ways to earn from your site or blog, this means that a PPC advertising agencywill only pay you if a visitor clicks on their ad on your site.

Google Adsense Pay Per Click:

  • Google AdSense is the leader in pay-per-click advertising, where the cost per click can reach up to $400.
  • Some consider pay-per-click marketing or advertising to be the best in terms of profit because it is possible to earn a large amount of money from a small number of visitors with just a few clicks.

The pay-per-click program is adopted by many companies other than Google Adsense, but the latter remains the best of them, and its requirements are:

  • High quality site.
  • Exclusive and featured articles.
  • real visitors...

3. Pay per view

Some people who have sites prefer pay-per-view system, because for them it is the best system for earning from the site or blog.

  1. The justification for this is that they are assured of their earnings and that they are making all the profits that they expect on the day, that is, they do not consider whether there are ad clicks or not.
  2. Because in pay perview, system, for example, for every 1000 views you get paid $4, which means if you get 100,000 views per week, your earnings are $400, that is, it is fixed and it is not affected by the number of clicks.
  3. And the best advertising company that we recommend to you in this regard is ezoic, they are a donor, unlike other companies that adopt the same system.
  4. ezoic rpm, company is compatible with Adsense because it is a partner with it and you can merge the two companies together so there is no problem with that.
  5. As for the ezoic pricing, terms, it is the same as the Google Adsense terms as it is based on google ad manager.
  6. And to increase your profits in addition to integrating Google Adsense with ezoic, you can put links within the paragraphs of your article based on direct selling and marketing.

4. Pay Per Sale Affiliate Marketing

This method is included in the CPA system, which means that the company in question will not pay you if the visitor does not buy their product or service.

  1. The amount of traffic that a website needs to make money with pay-per-sale is quite large.
  2. In order to increase the conversion rate, to collect a pay-per-sale affiliate marketing.

Some consider the pay-per-sale system to be the safest system for profit compared to the rest of the other methods (although in a smart way you can mix them in the article) in several respects:

  • In terms of acceptance: CPC platforms do not require significant complications to join them. Just registering with them and waiting for your account to be reviewed, and then a large percentage of you will be accepted. Unlike CPC and EPMV platforms, they require real content, traffic, and more...
  • In terms of receiving profits: it requires you to collect a minimum amount of profits, with payment after only a week has passed without waiting for a month or two.
  • Among the platforms that help you make money with pay-per-sale affiliate marketing, the most famous one is CPABuild.

As for amazon affiliate, it works only on a pay-per-sale affiliate marketing system, and you can of course take advantage of all these methods. To get the most out of your site without compromising the user experience.

The CPABuild is even for pay-per-client workers, which is the topic of the next and final part of this article.

5. Pay per customer

Pay-per-customer differs from the pay-per-sale affiliate marketing system, in that the former does not require you to purchase, but rather to subscribe or register..

  • Always in the process of figuring out how websites make money from traffic, they relatively use a pay-per-customer system.
  • You can rely on the CPABuild platform, as it does not impose many formalities on you to join it, and through which to choose the payment offers for each customer.
  • Which suits you and integrate them into each article to benefit from the traffic of your blog or site.